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The Civil Society Resource Centre provides support for capacity building of CSOs through training. The capacity building programme is based on CSOs’ training needs assessment as well as the needs defined in the Guidelines for EU support to civil society in enlargement countries 2014-2020. Eighteen pieces of training are foreseen for the three-year period, i.e. six pieces of training per year covering 360 CSOs’ representatives.

The training is implemented by experienced trainers with a mix of theory and practical experience in the relevant areas, following pre-defined methods of work and using the concept of adult learning. The training will facilitate a larger group of CSOs to acquire specific knowledge and skills, but also they will contribute to networking and partnership building.

If you cannot find the needed training topic from the proposed list of training, please fill in the Training Needs Questionnaire


Capacity building programme for CSOs


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Training on citizens’ participation in decision making process on local level [28-29 October 2019]
  • Decentralisation, organisation of the local self-government, local policy and responsibility of the local self-government towards citizens;
  • Understanding the decision making process;
  • Mechanisms and methodologies for effective participation of citizens in decision making on local level;
  • CSOs’ role in the decision making process and types of support between CSOs and local self-government;
  • Advocacy and lobbying on local level;

Time and venue: 28-29 October 2019, Skopje
Trainer: Zage Filiposki

Training on writing project proposal – from project idea to successful project application [12-13 November 2019]
  • Analysis of an open call;
  • Analysis of the context;
  • Defining clear and adequate project objectives;
  • Creative and innovative writing project proposal, tips and tricks of writing project proposals;
  • Budget planning.

Time and venue: 12-13 November 2019, Shtip
Trainer: Suncica Sazdovska

Training on fundraising [20-21 November 2019]
  • Tools, methods and skills for fundraising
  • Identifying potential opportunities for financial sustainability of the organisation/sources, forms, activities for fundraising
  • Strategic approach in fundraising, financial sustainability and diversification of organisational revenues
  • Action plan for financial sustainability
  • Analysis of the results – performance indicators.

Time and venue: 20-21 November 2019, Skopje
Trainer: Liljana Alceva

Training on research and research methods [5-6 December 2019]
  • Introduction to the research process
  • Characteristics and quality of a researcher
  • Design of research and methodological approach
  • Defining an issue and topic for research
  • Setting hypothesis
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Sample selection
  • Research methods, techniques, tools
  • Writing reports from research
  • Using research in policy creating

Time and venue: 5-6 December 2019, Skopje
Trainer: Sofija Arnaudova Georgievska

Training on monitoring and evaluation of CSOs [23-24 January 2020]
  • Main concepts, role and importance of M&E
  • Techniques and methods for M&E
  • Organisational self-assessment tools
  • Systems for M&E in organization
  • Selection and characteristic of good indicators for measuring results and the impact of the organisation’s work
  • Data collection, mapping and measuring results and impact of organisation’s work
  • Using the findings from M&E.

Time and venue: 23-24 January 2020, Skopje
Trainer: Roman Papadimitrov

Training on financial operation and financial transparency and accountability of CSOs [February 2020]
  • Financial, accounting and tax operation of CSOs
  • Preparing financial report in line with the country regulation (Law on accounting of non-profit organisations
  • Monitoring budget funds, operational and direct costs
  • Internal control and financial oversight
  • Standards of transparency towards target groups
  • Understanding the importance of fund diversification and understanding the characteristics of different financial sources (grants, donations, economic activities, individual giving, membership etc.)
  • Understanding the importance of long-term financial plans and projections.

Time and venue: 6-7 February 2020, Skopje
Trainer: to be selected

Training on communication and visibility of CSOs [February 2020]
  • CSOs’ challenges with respect to their visibility
  • Tools and methods for communication and interaction with the public through communication means
  • Using communication techniques
  • Clear, powerful communication with the audience
  • Trends in social media
  • PR relation
  • Communication strategy

Time and venue: February 2020, Skopje
Trainer: to be selected


Training on good governance of CSOs
  • Governance and good governance, basic principles
  • Division of bodies and relations between them: non-executive (governing) and executive bodies (every-day management)
  • Organisational cycle and basic elements of an organisation
  • Organisational structure
  • Basic processes of CSOs’ management: organisational policies and documents
  • The role of the governing body with respect to finances
  • Recruiting/mobilizing members of the governing bodies
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Conflict of interest
  • Visibility and presentation of CSOs’ results

Time and venues: 18-19 December 2018, Civil Society Resource Centre, Skopje
Trainers: Emina Nuredinoska, Aleksandar Krzalovski

Institutional development and organisational strengthening
  • The main elements of an organisation (Integrated Organisational Model: internal and external components; factors of general context, actors, input, output, mission, organisational elements)
  • Institutional and organisational analysis
  • Strategic orientation and planning
  • Use of the tools for institutional development
  • Use of the tools for organisational strengthening
  • Visibility and presentation of CSOs’ results

Time and venues: 17-18 January 2019, Civil Society Resource Centre, Skopje
Trainers: Aleksandar Krzalovski, Valentina Chicheva


Training on visibility and presentation of CSOs’ results
  • Design of PR strategy
  • Presentation skills
  • Improving visibility through social media
  • Press release
  • Press-conference and other public events
  • A TV and radio interview (public event)
  • Transparency of CSOs (minimum legal obligations, best practices)

Time and venues: 22-23 January, Civil Society Resource Centre, Skopje
Trainers: Gonce Jakovleska, Boris Ristovski


Mobilisation of resources
  • Tools, methods and skills for mobilisation of resources
  • Identifying potential possibilities for financial sustainability of an organisation/sources, forms, activities for fund-raising
  • Strategies for mobilisation of resources, financial sustainability and diversification of revenues in an organization
  • Action plan for financial sustainability

Time and venues: 27-28 February 2019, Civil Society Resource Centre, Skopje
Trainer: To be selected on open call

Training on transparency and accountability of CSOs
  • CSO management and financial management
  • Ways of involving target groups in decisions making of CSOs
  • Ways of informing the target groups
  • Consulting citizens and establishing better relations with citizens
  • Self-regulation
  • Ways, methods, tools for visibility of CSOs’ activities for better transparency of CSOs
  • Transparency of the sources of funding, transparency of CSOs’ financial reports
  • Increasing CSOs’ integrity (legitimacy, credibility)

Time and venues: 7-8 February 2019, Civil Society Resource Centre, Skopje
Trainer: To be selected on an open call

Thematic networking, partnerships, coalitions
  • Creating and managing partnerships and coalitions
  • Organisational setting and structure
  • Mechanisms for self-regulation of networks, codex, system of accountability
  • Internal and external communication and cooperation
  • Success factors of partnerships/coalitions
  • Mapping potential partners

Time and venues: 13-14 February 2019, Civil Society Resource Centre, Skopje
Trainer: To be selected on open call

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