Training for more accountable CSOs

4 Mar 2019

On 11-12 February, the Civil Society Resource Centre organised training on transparency and accountability of CSOs for 15 representatives who are on governing or managing position in their organisation. They acquired knowledge and skills which will assist them to establish processes and practices of accountable management and governance in their organisation.

“A professional and comprehensive approach. The form and the content of this and similar trainings organised by the Civil Society Resource Centre will surely support and accelerate the path of “younger” CSOs to their self-sustainability” stated Dejan Stojanovic from the organisation In Vivo, Skopje.

Participants through group work developed definitions of accountability, transparency, good governance and management. In addition, they made an overview of the work processes for which they should consult and involve various stakeholders such as their constituency, governing structures, employees, donors. Furthermore, they differentiated responsibilities between management and governing structures; made a list of common decisions taken in the organisation and analysed them from the aspect of transparency.

Finally, they highlighted the most common problems of the governing structures and recommendations for their resolution, prepared block diagrams for processes in organisations, making sure that transparency and accountability are ensured and developed a list of reports that are usually prepared with recommendations for their effective use.

In addition, the participants watched a half-an hour webinar on accountability to beneficiaries.

The training was held in the Civil Society Resource Centre by the capacity building expert Suncica Sazdovska.

This training is part of the capacity building programme within the Civil Society Resource Centre, EU-funded project implemented by Macedonian Center for International Cooperation in partnership with Association for Democratic Initiatives, Gostivar and Media Plus, Stip.

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