The Mobile Resource Centre dedicated the 17th October to the Municipality of Pehcevo

5 Jan 2024

The representatives of local organisations from Pehčevo were informed about the possibilities and services offered by the Civic Resource Centre, such as the Help desk tool, use of the premises in Shtip, Gostivar and Skopje for organising CSOs’ events, sharing information relevant to the organisations etc. The possibility of online training for project writing available at was also presented. The attendees showed particular interest in the upcoming trainings, commenting that trainings are never enough and there is no age limit for further education.

They had the opportunity to talk openly about the challenges that civil society organisations face, but also about their plans, ideas for the future, in order to revive the civil society sector in the eastern part of Macedonia. It was established that citizens and civil society organisations can greatly contribute to improving life in smaller municipalities. Several new ideas and proposals emerged from the event, as topics to be considered for future activities and projects.

They also discussed about the young people who have the desire to take part in actions, to join together, to volunteer, but also to educate themselves. Everyone spoke openly about their volunteering, but concluded that they usually come together in crisis situations. The last event of association and volunteering was the fire that engulfed that region.

After the event, some of the attendees continued to discuss new activities and ideas that emerged during the conversation.

The mobile resource Centre in Pehcevo was implemented with the support of the Ambrosia Association and the Library Kocho Racin from Pehcevo.

The workshop was organised within the project “EU support of the Civil Society Resource Centre – Phase 2”, financed by the European Union, and implemented by the National Civil Society Development Foundation – Civic Resource Centre, the Macedonian Centre for International Cooperation, Media Plus, Shtip and Association for Democratic Initiatives – ADI, Gostivar.

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