The Grantee “New Bridge” with Communication Plan to Improved Media Coverage

Feb 7, 2020

CSOs have relatively low media coverage, but this should no longer be a problem for the association “New Bridge” from Prilep. Within their partnership grant for organisational development received from the Civil Society Resource Centre, they participated in a two-day training in which they drafted a communication plan.

Together with their mentors from the mentoring organisation “Peace Action” they defined the main communication goal, the specific goals and target groups with whom they will communicate. Further on, they defined the messages they want to send to their audiences, as well as the communication tools and channels they plan to use. The draft Plan also contains annexes for defining the division of responsibilities among the members of the organisation.

The Association “New Bridge” Prilep implements the project “From Grass-roots to Strong Stem” in partnership with the mentoring organisation Peace Action, funded by the Civil Society Resource Centre. The program is implemented by Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC), Association for Democratic Initiatives (ADI) from Gostivar and Media Plus from Stip, and is funded by the European Union.

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