Request a Free ZOOM Account for your Online Events

5 Jan 2024

The Civic Resource Centre (CRC) continues to facilitate online events for civil society organisations (CSOs) and provides free ZOOM for them. For the service, you only need to submit a Request to using the ZOOM platform and if the requested date is free and the request complies with the terms of use, you will receive an access link.

CSOs have the opportunity to organise online meetings, events or webinars with a maximum of 100 participants, and various functionalities are available such as: polls, white board, rooms for working in groups, screen sharing, live streaming of the event, the possibility of including several channels for translation into other languages, etc. Organisations can count on CRC support if they have no previous experience in using this platform.

CRC established this service in June 2020 as one of the solutions to facilitate the work of organisations in the conditions of the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Until now, the online space of ZOOM was used to organize over 250 events by CSOs with more than 5000 participants.

The advantages of physical presence events are known to all of us, however, online events also bring their own benefits such as:

  • Time saving.
  • Saving money. With the online event, you save on travel, space, accommodation, food, etc.
  • Involvement of participants from different locations in the country and abroad in real time.
  • More efficient internal communication through more frequent organisation of online coordination meetings.
  • Accessibility and inclusiveness. An internet connection and a device (phone, computer) is all that is needed to participate in an online event.
  • Possibilities for organizing online trainings and capacity building seminars. The ZOOM platform with all available functionalities enables the planning of interactive and efficient training programs.

Of course, there are a number of other benefits of using the ZOOM platform, and you can explore them when organising your online events with the support of the Civic Resource Centre.

We look forward to your requests!

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A Need to Strengthen the Civil Society in Centar Zhupa

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