Organisations from Mavrovo and Rostushe lack cooperation and human resources

22 Jan 2019

“There is a discontinuation in the work of the civil society in the region. More cooperation and networking of the organisations at local level is needed, “said Samet Abduli from the National Network for Sustainable Community Development in the Republic of Macedonia, at the meeting held by the Civil Society Resource Center with the organisations in Mavrovo and Rostushe on 25th September. “Also, the cooperation of CSOs with the municipality and the Mavrovo National Park should be raised to a higher level in order to increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of the work of the organisations and fulfil their mission and vision,” Abdulli added.

The activists from the region were most interested in open calls, funding opportunities and capacity building, and they pointed out the lack of human potential as a major problem in the region. The cooperation between the municipality and the CSOs was stated as imminent especially when applying and implementing joint projects.

The meeting was an excellent opportunity to promote the resource centre in Gostivar and the support it provides to local organisations in the region.

Medat Kurtovski, mayor of Mavrovo and Rostushe, who was a member of several CSOs, stressed the importance of the active operation of the organisations in the region and showed full openness and cooperation with the Civil Society Resource Centre in order to revitalise the civil society in the municipality.

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