Open call for supporting CSOs – good practice of Delchevo

27 Feb 2019

This is the second year that the Municipality of Delchevo allocates funds for organisations through an open call on the basis of previously defined criteria and priorities. 900.000 MKD will be allocated on this year open call to associations, foundations and sports’ clubs. This was emphasized by Delchevo organisations at the meeting of the Mobile Resource Center. This visit was organised in partnership with the organisation KHAM Delcevo and was held in its premises on January 30, 2019.

During the meeting, the participants highlighted the problem of HR management and the challenge to keep young people in organisations. Some participants also indicated that young people are not sufficiently informed about the work of the associations. Among the participants, there were several representatives from the school organisation of the local high school “Metodi Mitevski-Brico” who had the opportunity to learn more about CSOs’ operation.

Zoran Bikovski, from KHAM Delchevo, said that when it comes to recruitment, it is especially important for organisations to have a plan for continuous development of skills among volunteers and their career development. “It is also necessary for the organisations to network and to support each other for a common approach to address the challenges that affect their beneficiaries, while at the same time enabling the community’s voice and visibility,” he added.

The participants expressed the need for training in human resources management, membership building, volunteering, and social entrepreneurship.

The representatives of the Mobile Resource Center met with Valeria Sokolova, a representative from the Municipality of Delcevo. She noted that the municipality has very good cooperation with the organisations. They have already prepared a Strategy for cooperation with the civil society sector in partnership with the Regional Advocacy Center Delcevo and financially supported by the European Union. The local strategy takes into account the national strategy for cooperation with the civil society for 2018-2020. In addition, she pointed out that on the website of the municipality there is a list of contacts from the organisations active on the territory of the municipality.

The Civil Society Resource Centre is EU-funded project implemented by Macedonian Centre for International Cooperation (MCIC) in partnership with Association for Democratic Initiatives (ADI), Gostivar and Media Plus, Shtip.

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