Open call for selection of trainers

Aug 26, 2020

Macedonian Center for International Cooperation within the Civil Society Resource Centre, funded by the European Union, announces an open call for selection of trainers for the implementation of the capacity building program for civil society organisations (CSOs).

One of the main goals of the Civil Society Resource Centre is to provide capacity building services to CSOs to be effective and accountable independent actors in the Macedonian society. To achieve this goal, the Capacity Building Program has been prepared based on result of CSO’s training needs.

The trainings within the Capacity Building Program will be conducted during October – December 2020. Each training is planned to last for two working days and the selected trainer will have a total engagement of 4 working days per training, i.e. 1.5 days for training preparation, two days for implementation and half a day for reporting.

Successful candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • To have completed higher education
  • To have at least 10 years of professional experience in civil society
  • To have at least 5 years of professional experience in conducting trainings
  • To have conducted at least three trainings on the topic for which he/she is applying
  • To have solid communication, presentation and facilitation skills

Trainers are needed for the following training topics:

  1. Fundraising training

The purpose of the training is to acquaint the participants in more details with the different opportunities for financing CSOs as well as the different methods, techniques and tools for preparing strategies and planning activities for mobilizing resources. The training should cover the following topics: tools, methods and skills for generating funds; identifying potential opportunities for financial sustainability of the organisation, sources, forms, fundraising activities; strategies for resource mobilization, financial sustainability and revenue diversification in the organisation; action plan for financial sustainability, etc.

  • Project management training

The purpose of the training is for the participants together with the trainer to go through the project implementation process. This is an advanced training and participants should gain theoretical and practical knowledge on topics such as: project planning, project administration, project budget management, financial and narrative reporting, monitoring and evaluation, etc. The training should put focus on implementation and management of EU-funded projects.

  • Training on good governance of a civil society organisation

The training aims to contribute to strengthening CSOs’ capacities for better practices of good governance of CSOs. At the training, participants should gain in-depth knowledge on topics such as: elements and processes of managing the organisation; role of governance bodies; relations between executive and governance bodies; transparency and accountability, conflict of interest, etc. Additionally, the participants in the training should get acquainted in more details with the context in which CSOs operate in the country.

  • Training on institutional development and organisational strengthening

The training aims to contribute to strengthening CSOs’ capacities for better application in practice of the tools for their organisational strengthening and institutional development. At the training, the participants should get acquainted in more detail with the main elements of the organisation, institutional and organisational analysis, strategic orientation and planning, etc.

  • Training on thematic networking, building partnerships and coalitions

The purpose of the training is for the participants to learn through practical examples the methods and ways of networking and establishing and managing partnerships and coalitions. Participants, through practical examples, should gain in-depth knowledge of organisational setup and structure of networks, mechanisms for self-regulation of networks, code of conduct and system of accountability, internal and external communication and cooperation, success factors of partnerships and coalitions, mapping of potential partners, etc.

Procedure for expression of interest

In order to apply for a trainer on any of the above topics, you need to send:

  • Letter of expression of interest, which states which position you are applying for together with the financial offer expressed in net amount per day (the candidate can apply for more than one of the given topics);
  • Proposed agenda for the two-day training on the given topic;
  • CV
  • Three recommendations from similar work engagements
  • Agendas and list of materials used for at least three previous trainings on the same topic

The deadline for applying for the open call is 10th September 2020. The complete documentation for expression of interest should be sent to

If you have any questions related to the call, you can ask them at: until 3rd September 2020.

The selection of trainers will be made at the end of September 2020 based on previously established criteria.

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