Media Plus opened the doors to the Civil Society Resource Centre in Shtip

22 Jan 2019

“I expect this centre to ensure a positive climate for development of the civil society activism. Namely, I expect this centre to provide conditions for strengthening the capacities and for informing activists and their organisations, and together to offer a platform for cooperation of the civil society with the institutions” said Blagoj Bocvarski, the Mayor of Shtip, at the opening of the Civil Society Resource Centre in Shtip. He added that he expects this centre to provide a positive climate for developing civic activism, which, according to him, is an important factor in building and nourishing democracy.

The Centre will offer assistance, logistics and other support to CSOs in Southeast Macedonia, and will be managed by Media Plus.

Slobodanka Blazevska, the project coordinator of the resource centre in Shtip, said that she expects civic activism to revive in this region, since it has almost died out completely in recent years. “CSOs will be able to meet in this centre, to organise events, to get basic information, advice for their daily work. They will be able to get information on using the funds, open calls, as well as other logistical support” she added.

As a coordinator of the resource centres, Valentina Atanasovska, said, the goal is to help strengthen the civil society as an independent factor in shaping the social life and democracy in the country. “CSOs are in the focus of the Centre and it will carry out activities related to information sharing, capacity building of CSOs, but also cooperation with government institutions, in order to create an enabling environment for CSOs’ operation” Atanasovska said.

Three resource centers – in Skopje, Gostivar and Stip, will operate within the programme, as well as additional mobile resource centres for full geographical coverage of the country.

The Civil Society Resource Centre is part of the programme National Resource Centre for Civil Society Organisations, funded by the European Union and implemented by MCIC in partnership with Media Plus from Shtip and Association for Democratic Initiatives, ADI from Gostivar.

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