Increased knowledge and skills of civil society activists from the Municipality of Čaška for the preparation of successful project proposals

2 Apr 2024

At a workshop held on 28-29 March, 2024 in the municipality of Chaska, the Civic Resource Center (CRC) continued to strengthen civil society organisations on topics related to project planning and writing project proposals.

At the workshop held in the Municipality of Chaska as a follow-up activity of the online Training for project planning and writing project proposals, the civic activists from this municipality increased their knowledge and skills in developing project ideas and project planning, problem analysis, analysis of objectives and choosing project strategy, logical framework approach, logic of intervention, indicators to check the success of the project, assumptions and risks. They also acquired knowledge about the allocation of resources for the planned activities and the preparation of a project budget. The practical exercises enabled the participants to acquire knowledge about filling out the application form and connecting it to the logical framework.

The participants expressed their satisfaction in acquiring skills for preparing applications through practical work.

Through the workshop on project planning and writing project proposals, I had the opportunity to gain new knowledge about the diagram of problems, goals and logical framework, with which I managed to advance my knowledge and acquire new knowledge in this area. Thanks to the practical work and the help of the experts, I hope that our next project application will have positive results“, said Jovanche Nikolovski from the Cultural and Art Organisation “Todor Janev” from Chaska.

The practical work and the discussions on the topic were also useful for the other participants. “At the workshop we had opportunity to gain theoretical and practical knowledge about project planning and writing project proposals, which I think will be very useful in our further work“, said Marija Andreevska from the Petar Pop Arsov School Sports Club from the village of Bogomila. “The trainers clearly and concisely conveyed the algorithm for creating a project,” she added.

This workshop resulted from the local CSOs’ interest in building their capacities for project planning, expressed during the visit of the Mobile Resource Centre held in Čaška in March 2024. In the upcoming period, workshops on the same topic will be organised in other municipalities aiming at ensuring possibilities for as many as possible interested CSOs’ representatives to participate.

The workshop was organised under the project “EU support of the Civil Society Resource Centre – phase 2”, financed by the European Union, and implemented by the National Civil Society Development Foundation, the Civic Resource Centre, the Macedonian Center for International Cooperation, Media Plus, Stip and Association for Democratic Initiatives – ADI, Gostivar.

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