IGI – well-known association among young ecologists in Gostivar

26 Nov 2019

Who is behind the Initiative for Civic Integrations IGI from Gostivar?

лого на ИГИ

The association Initiative for Civic Integrations – IGI, Gostivar started as an informal group that carried out several activities for preservation and care of the environment in Gostivar as well as several humanitarian actions aimed at young people and families from vulnerable categories. Such activities have made these activists aware of the real need for joint action and in 2016 grew into a CSO.

Today, IGI’s vision is to ensure that every individual has equal opportunities to integrate into every part of the system with equal access and support. Their main goals and objectives include encouraging civic initiatives to achieve better living, education and working conditions, as well as promoting culture, multiethnic development, ecology, sports, promoting cooperation with institutions, etc.

What kind of support does CSRC provide for them?

“The joint meetings held in RC Gostivar have enabled us to get to know other local organisations and to carry out several joint environmental actions. Hence, the RC’s premises have become a recognizable place for networking and planning actions that would improve the life in Gostivar” a representative from the association stated.

In addition to the premises, the CSRC helped IGI in the process of organisational strengthening, mobilizing membership, as well as advocating their ideas to relevant stakeholders in the Municipality of Gostivar.

IGI at event

What has changed from the beginning until now?

They stated that the support they receive from RC Gostivar such as the premises, occasional mentoring and resources are of great importance for them. For a short period of time, they managed to strengthen their position as a recognised CSO, primarily among young environmentalists from Gostivar. Furthermore, they have been able to strengthen their internal organisational capacities and communication channels with their target groups.

What are the plans for the future of Initiative for Civic Integrations IGI, Gostivar?

The association says that according to the current need to raise environmental awareness and the inconsistent (occasional) eco-activism, their next steps will remain in the area of a healthy environment. They also expect the cooperation with the CSRC to continue and to facilitate their operation and, through the trainings, to grow into a larger and more sustainable CSO.

Gostivar event
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