Future researchers trained through real cases

12 Dec 2019

Hypothesis setting, sample selection, variables determination, data processing, and the use of the SPSS program were among the topics for which 17 CSOs were trained in research and research methods. The training was held on 5-6 December, 2019 at the Civil Society Resource Centre premises in Skopje.

The participants rated the training as very relevant, practical and useful. Most important were the practical exercises and working in the SPSS program. They were able to simulate research through real-life examples and case studies. They prepared a questionnaire for the survey, set up hypotheses and variables and collected the data on the field, then processed it and wrote a short report based on it.

The trainer Sofia Georgievska noted that the group was very cohesive, active and involved. According to her, field data collection, online and over the phone has helped bring the group members into a realistic situation and act like real researchers.

This was the fourth of a series of trainings organized within the Civil Society Resource Centre. Three more trainings are remaining from this training cycle, which will be delivered at the beginning of 2020.

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