Finalists of the Quiz on Knowledge for Sustainable, Effective and Accountable Civil Society

Jul 12, 2021

Fundraising; good governance; transparency and accountability; visibility; networking, partnerships and coalitions building; involvement of the constituents in the work of the civil society organisations; and project planning and writing a project application; are the topics on which 50 CSOs tested their knowledge in the preliminary phase of the quiz organized within the Civil Society Resource Center.

The preliminary phase was held online on 23, 25 and 28 June and the 16 best organisations earned the right to be among the finalists of the live quiz that will take place on 25 August.

List of finalist organisations:

  1. Scout Squad Equinox Scout, Stip
  2. CKKER Bright future Kocani
  3. Youth organisation Voda plus – Stip
  4. Association for support of identified and potentially vulnerable groups Victim Skopje
  5. Association for protection and education of Roma children and youth – Progress
  6. Agora Center for promotion of civic value
  7. Ivanov School for Leaders – Alumni Association
  8. Anglunipe, Tetovo
  9. IPHR Rainbow
  10. Nikola Kljusev Foundation Memorial Center
  11. Legal Association of Lawyers Legal Think
  12. ZBK Creation Skopje
  13. ASK Association of Career Development Advisers
  14. Equality, Kocani
  15. ZIUOS Highland edu Strumica
  16. Humanitarian and Charitable Association of the Roma Mesecina Gostivar

In addition to questions on topics of great importance for sustainable, effective and accountable work of civil society organisations, the preliminary phase of the quiz included a question to describe a project idea for organisational development. The three best organisations in the finals will have the opportunity to implement their project idea with a grant of 2,000 euros (for first prize) and 1,000 euros (for second and third prize) from the Civil Society Resource Centre.

The purpose of the quiz is for organisations to strengthen their knowledge in the field. Additionally, in the second half of August, the Civil Society Resource Centre will organize a two-day training for the finalists on the topics that will be covered in the finale of the quiz.

The quiz is organized as a final activity of the Capacity Building Program for CSOs through which over 450 CSOs’ representatives were trained in 21 trainings, 9 workshops and 29 mentoring sessions. The activities are implemented within the Civil Society Resource Centre, a project funded by the European Union and implemented by the Macedonian Center for International Cooperation in partnership with Media Plus, Stip and the Association for Democratic Initiatives, Gostivar.

Answers to the questions from the preliminary phase of the quiz:

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