Extraordinary Call for grants for CSOs’ urgent response to COVID-19

Apr 8, 2020

The Civil Society Resource Center, in agreement with the Delegation of the European Union, has made efforts to reallocate budget in order to provide financial support to organisations during the pandemic.

With this call, CSOs are expected to contribute to greater solidarity with the public and to address the challenges and consequences of the COVID-19 and the state of emergency in the country. The supported emergency activities should be aimed at the most vulnerable categories of citizens, especially at the local level.

Call for grants for CSOs’ urgent response to COVID-19 crisis

The submitted project proposals of the organisations under this call should contribute to achieving some of the following results:

  • Coordinated action of CSOs for more organised crisis management and coordinated humanitarian and volunteer activities;
  • Humanitarian aid provided to the most vulnerable groups at the local level;
  • Provided legal aid, mental health and psychological support and security advice for the most vulnerable groups;
  • Informed public, and above all the specific target groups, about the measures and the recommendations of the state institutions in this state of emergency.

The total amount of funds available under this open call is 12,000 euros (737,400.00 MKD). About 10 small grants are expected to be awarded in the amount of at least 1,000 euros (61,450 MKD) and up to a maximum of 2,000 euros (122,900 MKD).

For this call, the organisations that will submit a project proposal are not obliged to provide co-financing.

The duration of the projects should not be shorter than one or longer than three months.

The application deadline is 15th April 2020, no later than 16:00 o’clock. Applications should be sent electronically to both e-mail addresses: info@rcgo.mk and info.gv@rcgo.mk.

Required documents

You can find complete information about the objectives and expected results of this call, eligibility criteria, eligible activities and how to apply in the application guidelines. The application itself consists of

Please submit questions related to the open call to info.gv@rcgo.mk with the reference: Ref. No. 11-38/2-2020, no later than 13th April 2020 by 12:00. The questions and answers will be published on www.rcgo.mk on 13th April 2020.

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