Equinox Scout – organisation that revived scouting in Stip

12 Jun 2019

Who is Equinox Scout Stip?

They are a group of young people, primarily high school students who want to participate actively in all the events that scouting offers. They say that they have too much energy, ideas, curiosity, desire and enthusiasm, but they have faced the fact that the young people in Stip neither have opportunities for useful fulfillment of free time nor they have enough events.

The list of reasons why they exist is long: they want to fill in the lack of informal education, to introduce scouting to young people, to make friends and have fun, to make new acquaintances and to learn about new cultures.

In March 2018, the organisation was registered in the Central Registry and officially revived scouting in Stip.

What kind of support they received from CSRC?

“Our relation with CSRC is something special and it lasts even before the official establishment of Equinox Scout. This relationship started even with the birth of our idea to form an organisation through the advice, information, motivational words received from the CSRC team, and we are extremely grateful for that, “said Darko Tosic from Equinox Scout.

He singled out, as the most important, the training for writing project proposals and using the premises of RC Stip for organising a variety of activities, from regular weekly meetings to meetings with parents, and even the celebration of their first birthday.

What has changed from the beginning until now?

Through the seemingly minor services provided by CSRC, the organisation has developed significantly, it has strengthened its capacities, and it has also increased membership.

What are the plans for the future of Equinox Scout?

Something that will soon happen is the summer scouting camp with 50 scouts and potential scouts taking part. In addition to the summer camp, Equinox Scout organizes numerous events such as educational and recreational workshops and games, adventure and adrenaline activities such as hikes, excursions, shooting, rafting, tracking, touring, etc.

In addition, they plan to commit to organisational and structural strengthening and plan to form a group of elder scouts i.e. adult people (primarily ‘parents’) and there is already interest for that.

The RC Stip will continue to support this organisation by sharing information, giving advice and guidance and educational consultations. We are glad that we support the growth and strengthening of an organisation that promotes true values and contributes to the creation of a better world.

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