Debar associations with the greatest success in the field of environment

31 May 2019

The municipality of Debar is characterized with authentic development of the civil society with occasionally accomplished cooperation with organisations and institutions from the surrounding municipalities of Centar Zupa and Mavrovo and Rostusha. During the Mobile Resource Center in Debar, representatives of 10 CSOs discussed about their challenges, interests and ideas. The event was held on 21st May in cooperation with the Center for Sustainable Community Development Debar.

The structure of the population, made up of several ethnic groups, puts priority on the actions for improving inter-ethnic dialogue. Although the occasional actions of local associations are insufficient to strengthen their influence in the community, they still have success in preserving the environment through the actionTo preserve the Balkan rivers – Stop the surge of hydroelectric power plants!

The Debar associations pointed out that the sustainability and outflow of staff from the organizations is the biggest challenge, and they added that they have problems with premises and equipment for normal operation.

Mutual co-operation is on a satisfactory level, but they feel that they need workshops in which, together with the municipality, they will detect the priorities and thus engage in its development.

The advantages of cooperation with the local media as well as the possibilities for cross-border cooperation were highlighted taking into account the favorable position of the municipality and the proximity with the Republic of Albania. Action is also needed to include organisations representing the interests of persons with disabilities. Although activities have already been taken to strengthen the female lobby, continuous support is needed for these associations.

In addition to the meeting with the local civic organizations, the CSRC team had a meeting with the mayor of the Municipality of Debar, Hekuran Duka, as well as with the part of the municipal administration. They were informed about the work of the Resource Center in Gostivar and the conclusions from the meeting with the local civil society organisations. The Mayor stressed that the municipality is open to cooperation with civil society organisations.

Developed civil society and active environmentalists in Vevchani

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