Coordination Body for Distribution for Humanitarian Aid Established in Gostivar Region

2 Apr 2020

In order to better cope with the crisis and coordinate the humanitarian and volunteer activities of CSOs in some municipalities and regions coordination bodies of CSOs were established. One such example is the Coordination Body for Access and Distribution of Humanitarian Aid established in the region of ​​Gostivar, Vrapciste and Mavrovo and Rostuse. It is chaired by Lulzim Haziri, executive director of the Association for Democratic Initiatives-ADI and coordinator of the resource center in Gostivar, who is also a member of the Municipal Crisis Body. The humanitarian access process is led by Red Cross-Gostivar.

The purpose of this body is to coordinate the process of distributing social packages to families and citizens in a safe way, thus reducing the chances of the coronavirus spreading as well as ensuring proper and fair distribution of the help. The Coordination Body comprises 10 local CSOs, and so far this body has held 3 sessions, aiming at synchronizing the efforts of all associations for humanitarian access to the target groups. Activists and volunteers who will be distributing the humanitarian packages to the target groups will be properly trained by experts from the Institute of Public Health on 3rd April 2020. The Coordination body ensured funds from the Municipality of Gostivar for purchasing personal protective equipment and supplies for the volunteers.

We invite all CSOs to inform us whether such or similar coordination bodies have already been established in other cities/regions of the country and what is the involvement of CSOs in them. Please send you comments to

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