Mobile Resource Centers

In order for RC services to be easily accessible for a larger number of CSOs, visits to the Mobile Resource Centre are organized once a month in different cities throughout the country. This ensures informing local organizations about the development in the civil society sector, facilitating their use of RC services, assisting their networking and cooperation with other organizations. In addition, the mobile resource center gives an opportunity to local organizations to inform about the challenges that they are facing but also to receive feedback.

The Mobile Resource Centre is organized in cooperation with a local organization or institution which is a host of the event. In this way, the resource center will establish a wider network of partner organizations in many cities.

The organizations have the opportunity to influence the agenda of the Mobile Resource Centre by giving proposals and suggestions in the questionnaire for identifying topics.

Questionnaire for identifying discussion topics of the Mobile Resource Centre

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List of visits of the Mobile Resource Centre

Visits are organized at the end of the month, and the exact date will be announced in due time.

Cashka19 March 2024
Vevchani22 March 2024
Karbinci18 April 2024
Kriva Palanka12 April 2023
Tetovo9 May 2023
Resen7 June 2023
Tearce19 September 2023
Dojran26 September 2023
Demir Hisar06 October 2023
Pehcevo17 October 2023
Makedonski Brod01 December 2023
Gevgelija29 June 2021


Kratovo20 February 2020
Delchevo30 January 2019
Tearce11 February 2019
Struga25 February 2019
Vinica28 February 2019
Sveti Nikole29 March 2019
Bogovinje4 April 2019
Radovish24 April 2019
Debar21 May 2019
Prilep28 May 2019
Probishtip30 May 2019
Kumanovo13 June 2019
Kavadarci27 September 2019
Ohrid25 October 2019
Negotino31 October 2019
Bitola10 May 2018
Kichevo8 June 2018
Rostushe25 September 2018
Strumica26 September 2018
Makedonska Kamenica22 October 2018
Vrapchishte24 October 2018
Veles24 October 2018
Brvenica12 November 2018
Kochani27 November 2018
Tetovo21 December 2018
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