About us

CRC’s vision is a strengthened civil society that actively participates in policy making and contributes to participatory democracy.

The mission of the CRC is to support the civil society organisations, that are the citizens’ voice and the essential factor of democracy, to be effective, accountable and sustainable independent actors.

Members of the Governing Board of the Civic Resource Centre

  • Elena Kochoska (chairperson)

  • Nasel Selmani

  • Samet Skenderi

  • Nazim Rashidi

  • Sanja Vasik

Executive director: Valentina Velichkovska

    About the project

    EU support to the Civil Society Resource Centre – Phase 2 is a project funded by the European Union and implemented by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development Civic Resource Centre, the project partners Association for Democratic Initiatives (ADI), Gostivar and Media Plus, Stip and the Macedonian Centre for International Cooperation as an affiliated entity. The project duration is 02.01.2023-31.12.2026 with total budget of one million EUR. This is a continuation of the EU-funded project National Resource Centre for Civil Society Organisations implemented in the period 15.02.2018-30.10.2021.

    The project overall objective is empowered civil society that actively takes part in policy creation and contributes to strengthened participatory democracy in the country, whereas the specific objective is increased capacity and resilience of the organisations to be competent, effective, and accountable independent actors and environment that is conducive to civil society. The primary target group of the project are civil society organisations (CSOs); however, the project will also target relevant state institutions and the citizens.

    The expected project results are:

    1. CSOs have better capacities, long-term planning, sustainability, visibility, advocacy, and effectiveness and operate in a more transparent and accountable way.
    2. CSOs are better informed, networked and operate in a more efficient way.
    3. Foundations are laid down for a self-sustainable, inclusive, responsive, countrywide platform for supporting CSOs.
    4. The environment for civil society is more conducive: the civil dialogue is improved, and institutions are positive and open for CSOs’ initiatives.

    Information about the project implementers


    The National Foundation for Civil Society Development CIVIC RESOURCE CENTRE is a foundation established in June 2022 by the Macedonian Center for International Cooperation. Its mission is to support CSOs, the citizens’ voice and the essential factor of democracy, to be effective, accountable, and sustainable independent actors. Its target groups are CSOs and citizens, regardless of their affiliation and determination. The work of the Civic Resource Centre is based on the principles  of independence, responsibility and transparency, participation, partnership, tolerance, sustainability and equal opportunities.

    Macedonian Centre for International Cooperation

    Macedonian Centre for International Cooperation is a CSO established in 1993 which leads and encourages changes in the country and beyond through new and alternative solutions to social problems. For the past 30 years, MCIC has been an important civil society actor who runs institutional development and organisational strengthening programs, including advocacy for enabling environments, capacity building, financial support and research. In addition, MCIC operates in the sectors of social cohesion, local and rural development and good governance. Since 1993 MCIC has implemented more than 70 programs with over 1,500 projects in these sectors. In 1998 MCIC received the US and EU Award for Civil Society and Democracy.

    More information at: www.mcms.mk

    Association for Democratic Initiatives
    Association for Democratic Initiatives is a non-governmental organisation founded in 1994 in Gostivar as an initiative of activists from the city. As a CSO, it aims to integrate human rights in the political, economic and social spheres of society. Since its beginning, ADI advocates the concept of equality, non-discrimination and the promotion of interethnic and multicultural tolerance and co-operation. As an active CSO, ADI has implemented several projects and programs for the development of democracy in the country and the rule of law, social inclusion and civil society development. ADI is an active member of several domestic and international CSOs’ networks.

    More information at www.adimacedonia.org

    Media Plus – Shtip
    Citizens’ Association MEDIA Plus – Shtip founded in 2006, explores, analyses and initiates actions and processes that influence and contributes to the development of democracy and the media community. Our vision is a society of informed and educated citizens, and, strong and independent media, in a democratic society that fosters freedom of speech and open dialogue. The Association’s priorities are media literacy, strengthening democracy and civil society, media freedom, promoting the use of communication channels and production. MEDIA Plus – Shtip, from its beginning works on strengthening the democratic society by supporting media and CSOs, as well as encouraging the participation of citizens in freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

    More information at: www.mediaplus.org.mk

    Project Team

    • Aleksandar Krzalovski, Quality Reviewer
    • Valentina Velickovska, Project Coordinator
    • Valentina Chicheva, Capacity building expert
    • Boris Ristovski, Communications Officer
    • Nikola Klekovski, Project Officer
    • Milka Bozinovska-Miova, Financial officer
    • Lulzim Haziri. Project coordinator of Resource Centre in Gostivar
    • Marija Simeska, Project Officer of Resource Centre in Gostivar
    • Slobodanka Blazevska, Project Coordinator of Resource Centre in Stip
    • Dragana Mitrovik, Project Officer of Resource Centre in Stip
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